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Sweet almond Sweet almond

The almond tree grows in the Mediterranean areas. Sweet almond oil, obtained through pressing extraction of the fruits of almond trees, is an excellent emollient which softens and soothes skin.Paraben-free. Product not tested on animals. Contains no animal fat. All the fragrances of our products have been developed with a Master perfumer from Grasse. The tests carried out on all of our body care products have proven that they effectively moisturise the outer layers of the skin.The Jeanne en Provence Sweet Almond range, moisturizing and nourishing, gives you sweetness and well-being.

Shea butter Shea butter

Shea butter is extracted from the fruits of the Shea tree, which grows in the savanna of West Africa, and whose name means “life”. Shea butter is traditionally used as a bodycare and haircare by women and children. It is well appreciated for its cosmetic properties as a moisturizer and skin softener.

Lavender Lavender

Lavender grows in the Provencal mountain regions. In the past, lavender was used as a remedy against insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue. It has also been proven that lavender essential oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.Paraben-free. Product not tested on animals. Contains no animal fat. All the fragrances of our products have been developed with a Master perfumer from Grasse. Our liquid soaps of Marseille are made according to the traditional process of the Master soap-makers of Marseille. The tests carried out on all of our body care products have proven that they effectively moisturise the outer layers of the skin.The Jeanne en Provence Lavender, soothing and regenerating gives you sweetness and well-being.

Rose Rose

In Grasse, we cultivate the Rose of May, so named because it blooms in May. Natural rose essence is universally used in perfumery. It is obtained through the distillation of freshly-harvested flowers. The flowers are hand-picked in the morning and then processed as quickly as possible so as to preserve their freshness and their perfume.The Jeanne en Provence Captivating Rose range, captivating and delicately perfumed, gives you sweetness and well-being.

Verbena Verbena

Verbena grows under the Mediterranean sun. It has a delightful refreshing fragrance and is a firm favorite with the parapharmaceutical industry due to its dermatological properties. The druids in Gaulle used it for its “magical properties”. It is a traditional medicinal plant in Europe and China. In Provence, the fine scent of verbena evokes the refreshing and lemony atmosphere of the markets in the region. Dried verbena is widely used as an herbal tea, because it promotes relaxation.

Peony Peony

The peony, named the “flower with a thousand petals”, embodies love and feminine beauty. Finely fragrant, the flowers are both generous and imposing, delicate and sensual.The Pivoine Féérie is a real flower. Beautiful its bright cherry-pink color petals open to reveal bright gold stamens. This upright shape plant is sensual and shimmering. 

Orange Blossom Orange Blossom

In the Antiquity, the orange blossom, and its delicate fragrance, was symbolizing purity and was used to make crowns for the young brides. Its numerous virtues are known for centuries: reassurance, relaxation, antidepressant, antioxidant effect...Paraben-free. Product not tested on animals. Contains no animal fat. All the fragrances of our products have been developed with a Master perfumer from Grasse.

Angelica Angelica

Angelica is an incredible plant thanks to its vitality.  Its great capacity for hydration allows it to sprout extremely quickly meaning it can reach 2 metres high in a few weeks.  Linked to a number of fantastic legends, it was considered to be a magical herb, called “herb of the angels”. Its stems and roots are traditionally used in confectionary making. Angelica extracts have hydrating and revitalizing properties.

Apple Apple

The apple tree is a fruit tree that comes from Central Asia. Highly cultivated today, there are several thousand varieties. Its fruit, with a crunchy and juicy flesh has a mild, green and aromatic fragrance appreciated in perfumery.

Pear Pear

The pear tree is a tree cultivated for its fruit of which there are more than 2000 varieties. Pears, with a juicy flesh, have the special feature of continuing to ripen after being harvested. In perfumery the pear is appreciated for its fruity, sweet fragrance.

Blackberry flower Blackberry flower

The blackberry is an average-sized tree whose shape and big serrated leaves are similar to those of plane trees. Highly appreciated in hot regions it is used as an arbour to shade from the sun. Its little red-coloured fruits that become black when they are ripe are used to make syrups and jams. Its white flowers give off a delicate musky fragrance.

Vetiver Vetiver

Vetiver is a big, thick plant with dense stems, found in tropical zones. Its long stems grow several metres deep that helps fight against erosion. Vetiver essence obtained from distilling its roots is highly used in perfumery, notably for men’s fragrances for its woody, smoky perfume.

Ciron Ciron

This ingredient, harvested during summer, exhales the undisputed finesse of lemon aromas. It grows especially well in the South of France because of its sensitiveness to the cold. Symbol of peace and harmony, the citron is also called “Hand of Buddha”. The citron trees developed in the Mediterranean area thanks to a passion for candied fruit in Europe and North America. To supply the needs, Corsica became an important supplier of citrons and before the middle of the 19th century, rearrangements were made in several villages in the Corsican Cape.

Cade Cade

Cade (wild juniper) is a wild shrub of the Mediterranean very developed in the Provencal scrubland called “garrigue”. Nowadays, it is cade essential oil that is used, obtained through hydrodistillation of the wood. Once in Provence, the shepherds gathered cade oil from stone ovens and used it to treat their animals, because oil had regenerating properties.

Olive Olive

The olive tree reflects the history of the Mediterranean. Linked to many traditions and legends, this tree evokes several symbols: peace, strength, victory, and rebirth. The importance of this tree for men and women of the Mediterranean area can be seen through their daily uses of olive oil. Fifty years ago, when each family had its own production of olives, oil was used for everything: for food, the lighting of lamps and even for the soaps, the famous soap of Marseille. Olive oil was also a beauty secret of the women in these regions. They used it to soften and moisturize their skin but especially to make their hair silkier. They coated their hair with olive oil, put them in a towel impregnated by boiling water and repeated the process several times as soon as the towel cooled.

Honey Honey

Honey is produced by bees thanks to the sugar they collect by gathering the nectar from flowers or honeydew. The gathering of honey is practised by beekeepers when the flowers or plants that characterise honey have finished flowering. For example for “wild” honey, the honey is gathered during the latest flowering. Honey from Provence has energizing and antiseptic properties. It is also effective against the fatigue. Honey benefits are the object of numerous scientific researches, which bring convincing results.