The story of Jeanne

the story of Jeanne en Provence

The birth of Jeanne en Provence in Grasse

Jeanne en Provence is a brand of the Grasse family-run business the ARTHES Group.

Its founder Mr Bernard Perrin, had always had the firm conviction that fine French perfumery should be known by all. In 1978 he therefore decided to create in Grasse this company whose aim and ambition is to offer high quality French perfumes accessible to all.

The fine perfumery passion being passed down from generation to generation it’s Thibaud, son of the founder and company director since 2008 who thought of creating a new brand.

Thibaud had the conviction that his Grasse region, rich with an exceptional soil and fragranced plants would enchant everyone on all continents.

He decided to expand the company’s offer, already renowned for its expertise in fine perfumery, with a brand of cosmetic products.

He therefore created Jeanne en Provence in 2012 to offer his consumers the chance to journey to his region with traditional products available at low prices.

Brand inspirations

An evocative name

The name of this symbolic brand from the Grasse area and by extension the Mediterranean was fairly obvious to him. After Jeanne Arthes and Jeanne d’Urfé, the other two brands of the family run business would be called Jeanne en Provence!

The cameo and traditional luxury perfumery

For the graphic design, Thibaud wanted something that was both authentic and modern.

He remembered the cameo-adorned brooch that his grandmother, who was from the region, always wore. The cameo, this semi-precious cut stone forming a face in relief, a strong symbol of luxury and tradition would become the brand’s logo.

The aesthetics of the original cameo was modernized to symbolize Jeanne en Provence and promote the Provencal manufacturing of the products by a perfume house established in Grasse since 1978.

Broche Jeanne en Provence

 Original brooch that inspired the Jeanne en Provence logo


A journey to the heart of Provence

Jeanne en Provence invites you to take a journey to the heart of Provence to introduce you to its fragrances, its nature and its way of life…

Jeanne en Provence takes inspiration from Provencal nature, its fragranced hills, its fields of flowers and its orchards, to offer you authentic products and bring you the well-being of Provence.

Plants and flowers symbolic of Grasse, Provence and the Mediterranean have been chosen to develop each range of perfumes and cosmetic treatments in the purest tradition of Provencal Master Perfumers.

Since its launch, Jeanne en Provence has continued to enchant thanks to its authentic products. The brand has a foothold in more than 200 sales outlets in France and in more than 40 countries around the world.

Did you know?

Queen Jeanne 1st, Countess of Provence.

In the 14th century, at barely 20 years old, Queen Jeanne 1st was Countess of Provence and lived in Saint-Paul de Vence (1343-1382).

This legendary Queen whose life was far from easy was loved and respected in Provence.

In fact at this time, Saint-Paul de Vence did not have any water and Countess Jeanne allowed the village to use her springs found on her lands of the Malvan Château.

Thanks to her donation, the olive growing industry in the region underwent a huge development and her springs still supply water to the town’s fountains today.