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Jeanne en Provence Promises

Our promises

Our philosophy, our territorial roots

All of our products are made in Grasse in the south of France where the international ARTHES Group’s head office is located

Our fragrances are all developed by Master Perfumers from Grasse.

The perfumes and cosmetics are produced and packaged within the Arthes Group structure in Grasse.

To enhance our local expertise, we are taking part in developing a label promoting and protecting the Grasse Region know-how.

We make high quality products accessible to all.

Through our products we pass on a certain French way of life and promote the richness of our ingredients from the Grasse region, Provence and the Mediterranean area.

All of the bottle designs and packaging are made in-house by the ARTHES Group design studio.

Quality and consumer safety

Exporting our perfumes and cosmetics in more than 120 countries, we adhere to all legislation in force and even beyond, for our perfumes notably.

All perfumes are left to stand for more than three weeks in maceration vats to meet ARTHES quality requirements and for a perfect long-lasting scent.

All of our cosmetic care products have a neutral pH for the skin and are dermatologically tested by external laboratories to certify their innocuousness.

We carry out effectiveness tests under dermatological supervision to prove the hydrating and repairing potential of our products.

Several tests regarding product quality are conducted in-house:

o   Formula stability and ageing tests

o   Compatibility tests of formulas with the packaging

o   Tests among a consumer panel regarding the effectiveness and sensoriality of the formulas.

For the composition of our cosmetic and hygiene care we favour ingredients of natural origin (organic olive oil, Shea butter milk, essential oils of lavender, lavandin, rose, organic lime, sweet almond oil, organic garrigue honey etc.). Working on the sensoriality and quality of our products, we may use other types of molecules – compliant with regulations in force concerning cosmetic products – when natural ingredients do not seem to be as effective.

We exclude petrochemical materials that are not very biodegradable or that may be harmful to human health such as parabens, exfoliating polyethylene beads or formaldehydes.

Our R&D formulation laboratory is always looking for new raw materials and new natural and innovative ingredients in terms of galenic and effectiveness.

Our constant improvement strategy regarding formulas and their sensoriality as explained by our R&D Laboratory Manager:

“Since the laboratory was inaugurated, we have been working every day to improve the quality of our formulas and have a more natural approach.

Indeed for our star ingredients we favour regional ingredients among others. We put a lot of heart and soul into the sensoriality of our products and develop even more pleasing textures to better stand out.”

A commitment towards the environment and society

All our products are guaranteed not to contain any ingredient of animal origin. The only ingredients relating to the animal kingdom and that may be found in Jeanne en Provence products are products derived from beehives like bees wax or honey.

Concerned about the environment, we have developed our exfoliating shower gels with 100% natural exfoliating scrub. Excluding any use of plastic synthetic non-biodegradable micro beads that may pollute the marine environment and water courses, we have chosen bursts of apricot stones and natural French sand to naturally and gently exfoliate.

We have set the Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716 certification) that guarantee the consumer product traceability and safety.

For our product packaging we choose recyclable materials (glass or plastic bottles, cardboard gift sets with the inside in PET…) so our consumers can sort these materials at home, just like we do in-house on our production site.

All water used for making products is retrieved and reprocessed by a company that is specialized in waste treatment and is therefore not released into the environment.

The buildings of the ARTHES Group production site have been designed with retention areas. So, in the event of an unforeseen spillage, the products are contained and shall not be expelled into the environment.

Exporting overseas, we favour road and maritime transport as opposed to air transport for a reduced carbon footprint.